When Should My Baby Start Wearing A Teething Necklace?

Most babies get their first teeth between 6 months and one year old, but no one can say exactly when your baby will start teething. The most important thing to remember when your baby starts teething is to make sure they’re comfortable, and nothing helps with that better than a necklace. But when should you start giving it to your baby? Before making this decision, there are several factors to consider, so let’s explore those factors and examine what you need to know about starting your baby on one of these necklaces as soon as possible.

Only use it for soothing

First, we recommend you put your teething necklace on during naptime. The best time for this is when they are fully relaxed and not in any discomfort. Next, try putting it on when they wake up from their nap or bedtime. This will help them get used to the feel of the necklace around their neck and provide some extra comfort and soothing for their sore gums. If you want them to wear it during the day, that’s okay too!

Consult with your pediatrician before using any jewelry

Most pediatricians recommend waiting until your baby is six months old before putting any jewelry on them. The reasoning is that babies younger than six months old can still choke if something gets lodged in their throat. In addition, babies can break teeth or even swallow pieces of the necklace, which could cause choking hazards or intestinal blockages.

When to start using the necklace?

The right time to put a necklace on your baby varies depending on your baby’s age. Remember that teething chains are not 100% effective and won’t prevent all discomfort. The best time to start using it is when you first notice signs of distress. The most common symptoms include drooling, increased fussiness, red cheeks, and gum irritation. This can happen anytime between six months and three years old.

Do not put it on too early.

You may feel tempted to put your baby in a teething necklace as soon as they start getting teeth, but do not rush it! The average age for babies getting their first tooth is around six months. There are many other ways you can help your little one with their teethes, such as using frozen fruit as an alternative to teething rings. You can also try rubbing or gently rubbing your baby’s gums with your fingers or using water-filled latex gloves for extra cooling relief.

Remove the necklaces while sleeping.

There are many options for soothers, but a teething necklace is one of the most popular. These necklaces are often silicone or amber and are supposed to soothe babies by rubbing against their gums. Experts say that these necklaces should be used as soon as you know your baby has teeth. They can be used while they sleep, playtime, and eat, but experts recommend removing them before bedtime.

Final Words

A necklace can be easy to soothe and distract your baby while they are in pain. While many parents like to start putting them on their children as soon as they can hold up their heads, others wait until the first teeth emerge. If you want to use it immediately, ensure it has a breakaway clasp so that if your baby puts it in their mouth, it will come off quickly.

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