What Should I Look For When Choosing A Dry Cleaner In Camden?

Based on your lifestyle, you may need access to a professional dry cleaner on a regular basis, specifically if you work in an office where there is a dress code or regular social outings that require formal wear. In order to find a trusted dry cleaner, you should be careful. After all, you have to trust the cleaners with your wardrobe which costs a lot of money and can impact how you feel and appear each day. We have put together the top of the list factors you need to consider when choosing a dry cleaner Camden. Here are those factors explained:

Cleaning Methods

Surprisingly, there are many dry cleaning methods. They tend to use a chemical solvent rather than water to get dirty clothes spic and span. Perchloroethylene is one of the commonly used agents in dry cleaning. It is due to the unmatchable ability of this agent to remove the stains that it is quite common. However, it can cause the fabric to fade in a few instances, and studies have also revealed a few environmental issues for this agent in the recent past.

Professional dry cleaners often use glycol ethers and liquid silicone for delicate and soft fabric. All these options are quite non-toxic, and they are quite expensive and uncommon. Professional dry cleaners use environment-friendly and non toxic solvents for safe dry cleaning. Hydrocarbon cleaning, CO2 cleaning, and Green earth cleaning are a few examples. Hence, make sure to ask your dry cleaner if he has some eco cleaning options.


Looking for a dry cleaner who is accessible for your schedule is another crucial factor to consider. Several dry cleaners are only available during business hours, typically 9am to 5pm. In case you find a cleaner around you in Camden, you may need to navigate parking as well. But, such a schedule causes problems for many of us as we often work during the day. Spending time before and after work in order to drive to the cleaners is not the best use of your time.

Also, you will need to identify any dry cleaners Camden that offer a delivery service. If they do so, they would only deliver during the day which is not helpful either. Also, they may only deliver in specific areas.

Experience and Transparency

Experience matters a great deal as far as dry cleaning service is concerned. The overall dry cleaning experience of the staff, the training of the staff, are among the obvious factors that you need to look for when choosing a dry cleaner.

A good dry cleaner will be experienced as well as transparent and honest with their pricing. This determines they are confident in their service and have a great dry cleaning experience. It is significant to review such information in a careful manner while comparing cleaning costs.

When you choose a dry cleaner, don’t just look for proximity to the cleaner. It is a decision that should include everything from quality to experience, and from pricing to convenience!

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