What Is The Penalty For No Number Plate?

Number plates are actually the license plates of a vehicle showing that it has permission to be driven by the government. So, if you have no number plates, then direct meaning of this would that you don’t have legal permission for this vehicle to be driven on road.

According to the government, you will be charged fine up to £1,000 for this and the vehicle will also fail its MOT test. You can get idea from this how crucial it is to have plates. Also, fine is same for the incorrectly displayed number/false number plates display.

Pay attention – it has been observed that driving car without number plates is illegal in more than 50 states worldwide. However, some states are flexible if you don’t have front plate, but back plate is necessary there.

In the UK, you are allowed to drive a new car from showroom to home without plates only if it is insured. After then, you can only drive it to the road when you have number plates on it. Otherwise, you have to apply for the number plates first and get them. For this, you need to connect with the DVLA department. In fact, you can also get the plates from their online website.

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The Bottom Line

In the above article, we shared with you the penalty of driving a vehicle without number plates. Plus, a legit source which is making quality wise best number plates, especially 3D plates at reasonable costs. Connect with it today!

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