What Are The Benefits Taking a Pregnancy Care Class

Taking a pregnancy care class is a great way to prepare for the coming months of your pregnancy. These classes are taught by licensed psychologist Ann and childbirth educator Jen. They include 55 videos and downloadable PDFs. These classes cover the most common changes during these nine months and how to deal with them. This online course also contains helpful videos, interactive games, and PDFs. You can learn more about how to plan your labor and delivery with one of these classes.

Shristi Foundation

The Shristi Foundation offers a wide variety of online pre pregnancy class and on-demand videos that cover all aspects of childbirth and pregnancy, including fertility, miscarriage, breastfeeding, and more. Developed by an experienced doula, Chidi focuses on helping women achieve a healthy pregnancy. For a full year after you purchase the videos, you can watch them as many times as you like. This way, you can revisit them whenever you need to refresh your knowledge.

The classes offer various topics including birth preferences, breastfeeding, infant development, and postpartum healing. The interactive classes also feature expert Q&A sessions that are live and available to the community. This is a fast-growing program that offers many benefits. To enroll in a class, please call or visit the website. There are also many locations in New York City. You can find more information about the Shristi Foundation’s classes here.


If you’re looking to learn more about childbirth and parenting, you’ll want to take a WeeHuman pregnancy care class. They offer live classes through Zoom and online resources that are expert-built to teach you everything you need to know about childbirth. Each lesson includes a comprehensive resource library and expert-led chat support. There’s also a community Q&A forum for additional support. WeeHuman offers three different courses: Modern Childbirth, Baby Care, and Parenthood.

Motherly Birth Class

Motherly is a birth-class series dedicated to supporting moms-to-be during their pregnancy and labor. The course covers everything from pregnancy symptoms to prenatal appointments. There are also tips on nutrition, postpartum health, and managing relationships and work. It also provides downloadable materials for moms-to-be, including a downloadable workbook and guided meditations. Whether you’re planning a home birth or attending a class in person, Motherly has you covered.

When choosing a childbirth class, you’ll want to make sure that the instructor is knowledgeable and well-experienced. The class should be small, with no more than five couples per instructor. Classes with a larger number of participants will feel intimidating and not as comfortable for new parents. An intimate class setting will help teachers provide more personalized attention to each student and promote a sense of community and camaraderie. As a bonus, many classes include postpartum sessions that cover infant CPR and first aid.

Mama Natural’s virtual birth class

For anyone interested in learning more about giving birth naturally, Mama Natural’s virtual birth course is a great option. Hosted by Certified Nurse Midwife Maura Winkler, the course focuses on natural birthing methods. Topics covered in the course include preparing for birth, skin-to-skin contact, early labor, active labor, pushing, and after-care. It also features a breastfeeding masterclass and printable cheat sheets. The course costs $264 and includes a thirty-day money-back guarantee. The course includes bonus content as well.

The content of Mama Natural’s virtual birth class covers topics like nutrition for pregnancy, natural remedies for heartburn, and practical tools for a peaceful birth. It also discusses the COVID-19 pandemic and how to prepare for it. Maura Winkler is a certified nurse-midwife and a board-certified lactation consultant. The course is an excellent resource for any expectant mother, but is particularly geared toward unmedicated birthers.

Among above birth class shristi foundation pregnancy care class online is best. Because of it simple procedure and experienced instructors

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