5 Unique Asian Ways To Celebrate Wedding

Weddings are multicultural and full of traditions in Asia. An Asian wedding consists of a lot of events that are combined into a week-long celebration. We forget about our mundane routine during the festivities. It is very difficult for us to return to our regular lives after all the fun in the wedding events. Asian wedding dress are the most essential aspect of a wedding. Asian weddings are enjoyable occasions filled with culture, music, and delicious food. Asians celebrate their wedding in unique ways, such as:

· Mayoun:

Mayon is considered an important part of Asian weddings. It happens a few days before a wedding. In the mayoun ceremony, oil and turmeric are applied to the hands and face of the bride. Mayoun  used to be a girls-only event, but in the modern world it is now a gender-neutral event. The Mayoun event represents the preparation of the bride for the wedding. Bride used to wear yellow for this ceremony. Bride’s attire, makeup and hair are often kept simple in this event. It has become a fun way to celebrate weddings in Asia.

· Mehendi:

Mehendi is another important way to celebrate weddings in Asia. In the mehendi ceremony, henna is applied on the hands and face of the bride. Bride used to intricate henna designs drawn onto her hands. The henna designs represent love and luck.  The Mehendi event is famous for its amusement and vibrancy. People used to perform dances and music to create a lively atmosphere. Brides used to wear different types of dresses on mehndi but yellow or bright colored shalwar kameez is a common outfit for mehendi event. Asian wedding dress is on the prioritized list for a ceremony. Getting the perfect outfit for the events is a big task for almost everyone.

· Nikkah:

In Asia, the most important part of a wedding is Nikkah. In Nikkah ceremony, bride and groom exchange vows and make promises to one another. The henna designs represent love and luck.  The Mehendi event is famous for its amusement and vibrancy. People used to perform dances and music to create a lively atmosphere. Nikkah is a small, intimate event in which the bride is signed under the name of her husband forever. In Nikkah ceremony, brides prefer to wear white dress with red or a pastel colored dupatta. Groom used to wear a shalwar kurta with a waistcoat.

· Baraat:

Baraat is another way to celebrate Asian wedding. On baraat, the groom’s family and friends come to take the bride away. Bride’s family is the host of this event. The most common type of outfit that a bride used to wear on her baraat is anarkali lehenga dress. It is common for brides to wear red on baraat. Groom usually wears a sherwani. Bride used to wear yellow for this ceremony

· Walima:

This event is hosted by the groom’s family. Walima can take place the next day after the baraat or as per convenience of both families. There are different types of outfits that women used to wear at walima function, but the most common is a sharara or gown. Bride wears a pastel or light-colored dress with elegant jewelry.

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