How to Use Instagram to 10x Your Business?

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Aspirational travel and food photography may have made get followers famous, but social media has advanced to a completely new level in recent years.  Businesses of all sizes and in every sector have come to understand that a sizable audience of potential clients regularly peruses their posts while waiting in line, on the bus, or at work.

Mobile marketing is essential for expanding your business. However, don’t just take our word for it; check the statistics.  Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has grown to have one billion active monthly users and 700 million active daily users. 

In 2012, the social media behemoth Facebook acquired Instagram. Of these, 400 million people frequently access Instagram stories.

Importance of Instagram for Business:

What is one of the most significant statistics about Instagram for business? 72% of Instagram users have made a purchase after seeing something in their feed.  Just over 500 million of Instagram’s 700 million daily users have made purchases, according to a fast calculation.

People are searching for your company, but as more stories are uploaded and the number of monthly users rises, they are losing 70% of the posts made by the people they follow.

This is partly because of a new methodology that prioritizes material that users “value” the most.

  • Update your bio
  • Post fantastic, original material
  • Set up a regular posting schedule
  • Practice using Instagram Live and Stories
  • Use hashtags from your sector, but not too many!
  • Analyze your data
  • Invite guest authors to contribute or post on another account
  • Hold a contest

Update your bio:

  • Start from the beginning. 
  • Does the photo in your bio accurately portray you or your company? Do you have a compelling summary of your goods or services? 
  • Has your website been updated with a link? Are the hashtags in your bio clickable?

Post fantastic, original material:

  • Instagram is a visual platform, therefore having captivating photos is essential.
  • To attract viewers, you don’t necessarily need to make delectable delicacies or go to Bali (although it doesn’t hurt!). 
  • Instead, you should concentrate your efforts on taking distinctive, excellent photos that are expertly selected and edited. 
  • Free photo editing software can give your photos a polished appearance that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Set up a regular posting schedule:

  • People patronize companies that they (and their friends) trust when purchasing goods and services. 
  • By continuously uploading your excellent content, you can develop relationships with future consumers.
  • Hootsuite now provides free social media posting tools, allowing you to batch-schedule your daily postings. 

Practice using Instagram Live and Stories:

Your images come to life thanks to these two instruments. 

A photo just provides a fleeting glimpse, but Live and Stories can go further and give your business the much-needed individuality.  Additionally, they provide the opportunity to interact with polls and other widgets that provide immediate input and simpler access to links.

Instagram now provides ways to categorize your stories on your bio, unlike in the past when they would vanish after 24 hours.

Use hashtags from your sector, but not too many!

Consider hashtags as directional signs that point potential customers to your page. So that users may quickly identify (and follow) content that interests them, hashtags organize and showcase content.  Engagement is higher on posts with at least one hashtag than those without.

For the greatest results, use the hashtags specific to your sector wisely. Instagram permits up to 30 hashtags per post, but that doesn’t mean you should use all of them.  Find the top 10 in your sector, choose them, and add them as appropriate to each post.

Analyze your data:

If you aren’t also doing the math, all of these hashtag methods and uploading to Instagram stories won’t amount to much. Use Instagram’s analytics tools to check the performance of each post. Click “see insights” next to each post to see who is reading it, how they got there, and who clicked a link in your bio.

The world of digital marketing revolves around analytics. Maintain an eye on your numbers and let them do the work.

Invite guest authors to contribute or post on another account:

You can add excitement and variation to your get followers account by asking a professional in the field to “take over” your account for the day (or by adopting another account).

Consider a medical account that hosts a Live chat with a subject matter expert on a seasonal subject, or an architect who leads followers on a tour of the buildings in New York City.

Hold a contest:

Everyone appreciates free things. 

Even if you provide services rather than goods, collaborating with another account to hold a giveaway (or coming up with a unique giveaway idea yourself) might help you gain new friends and followers.


The basis for growing significant following the ethical way may take longer, but it is rock solid and likely to endure. Although fake followers may first seem impressive, they aren’t likely to help your firm expand in the long run.

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