How to Fix Spotify can’t Play the Current Song

At the point when you are in the temperament to dilemma out to some most loved music however Spotify can’t play the current song, the application effectively ruins your day. Regardless of Spotify is a superb music streaming application, there are a few issues regularly experienced by its clients. We realize how disappointing it is when Spotify not playing your number one song. Consequently, you want to figure out how to fix it.

To dispose of Spotify not playing songs issue, a few prospects and speedy arrangements are accessible. While there are many reasons that can cause ‘Spotify can’t play the current song’, you want to distinguish what conceivably causes the issue. Yet, you could have no opportunity to investigate and track down the guilty party. Fortunately, here we have given different answers for fix the issue.

Fixing Spotify Not Playing Songs/Spotify Can’t Play the Current Song

You might ask why and how your Spotify application causes problems. You ought to take note of that the issue can happen because of issues in the Spotify application, membership issue, tainted documents, or application glitch. At the point when your Spotify can’t play the current song, the accompanying arrangements ought to help.

We have gathered a few arrangements that are compelling to determine the issue. You can attempt at least one of these fixes and figure out which one turns out best for you.

1. Restart Spotify

Spotify can’t play the current song is entirely expected among its clients. Commonly, it has an error or crash that causes various issues. The first and most straightforward arrangement is to restart your Spotify. Numerous clients find that restarting Spotify is the main thing they need to do to dispose of the issue. A straightforward restart, in any case, can revive the framework with the goal that it can work appropriately.

To restart your Spotify, you should close the application and afterward relaunch it. Yet, when you are utilizing the Spotify web player, close and relaunch your program. Check if your Spotify work ordinarily. On the off chance that it doesn’t, leap to different fixes.

2. Restart your gadget

Whether you are utilizing a cell phone or work area, restarting your gadget can be picked to determine Spotify can’t play the current song issue. As with restarting the application, restarting cell phone or work area can clear up any blunder that causes the issues. All in all, restarting the gadget revives the framework for better execution.

In the wake of restarting your cell phone or PC, attempt to relaunch the application or web application. At the point when you see the blunder endures, then, at that point, a simple restart isn’t sufficient. Attempt different arrangements all together that your Spotify can work appropriately.

3. Change membership level

Changing the membership level can likewise cause mistake in Spotify. A few clients detailed the issue after downsizing from Premium record to Free record. If you suspect this is the reason for Spotify not playing music, change your Spotify Settings. The guidance beneath ought to help you.

  • Open your Spotify and sign into your record
  • Explore to Settings situated in the upper right corner

Track down Music Quality, then change the settings to lower than Very High that is accessible for Premium clients as it were.

4. Not adequate room

If you are a Premium client and track down the mistake on your cell phone, you might have to really look at the accessible space on your gadget. Numerous Premium clients decide to download the songs and play them disconnected. Tragically, this consumes your extra room. It is prescribed to have somewhere around 1GB allowed to download the songs. On the off chance that you need more space, this issue might occur.

To eliminate the records on your Spotify, you want to do these means:

  • Open your Spotify and sign into your record
  • Go to Settings, pick Local Files. Switch off Show Local Files
  • Close your Spotify and relaunch the application. Attempt to play any music and check whether the issue continues to happen
  • Switching off the flip is like erasing association with the nearby library. To keep utilizing the disconnected mode, make certain to have adequate room on your gadget

5. Resync Spotify

Even though you have downloaded a few songs to listen disconnected, you want to interface with the web sporadically. On the off chance that you are not associated with the web for more than 30 days after your last association, the downloaded music will most likely be unable to play. Thus, you want to get on the web and resync Spotify. Do this basically like clockwork all together that Spotify can’t play the current song.

Sometimes, you need to inspect what you expect. Check it out!

6. Impair or empower crossfading

Crossfading is a component that empowers smooth changes between songs. Yet, in some cases, the component can turn out badly with the goal that you really want to handicap or empower crossfading. Resetting the crossfading can assist with wiping out playback issues in Spotify. To turn on or off the element, you really want to do these means.

  • Go to Spotify, sign into your record
  • Explore to Settings, then select Show Advanced Settings
  • Tap on Playback. Turn on/off the choice Crossfade songs. If you turn on the element, attempt to change the setting to 0 second. This empowers a speedier change between songs
  • The default change time is 5 seconds. You can without much of a stretch set to 0 and check whether it rolls out any improvement on the issue

7. Reinstall Spotify

Mistake in playing songs can be brought about by debased records. Assuming this happens, your main choice is to reinstall the application. To begin with, you really want to uninstall the Spotify application from your gadget and reinstall it the following time. To ensure the application is totally taken out, erase all Spotify documents in envelope C in your PC. After uninstalling and eliminating Spotify, you really want to download and reinstall the application. This ought to fix the blunder.

We realize that Spotify not playing songs is bothering as you can’t play most loved songs. Fortunately, there are a few fixes that can assist you with settling the issue. The arrangements above are compelling to dispose of Spotify can’t play the current song issue, as indicated by numerous clients that experience a comparative issue. Give it a shot!

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