How Many Immigrants Are Working In The UK?

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The UK currently has the 3rd largest immigrant population in Europe, after Germany and France, with over 11 million foreign-born citizens living in the country (about 13% of the total population). At first glance, this number may seem high; but it’s essential to realize that over 75% of those immigrants are EU citizens entitled to work in any EU country they choose, according to The Telegraph. In addition, most of these immigrants come from non-EU countries such as India and China.

Who is an Immigrant?

An immigrant is a person who leaves their home country and settles in another. An immigrant may be a citizen of the country they moved to or an expatriate citizen of their former home country. Often, but not always, immigrants are of low socioeconomic status and do not speak the language of their new country.

The term immigrant is often used more broadly to refer to any person who migrates from one region or country to another. Most of your questions about UK business immigration will be covered in this article.

Not all immigrants are refugees. Immigrants often leave their home country for better employment or educational opportunities abroad. An immigrant may also be a native-born citizen of one country who has moved to another and taken up permanent residence there.

For example, millions of people living in California and New York were born in Mexico but have immigrated to the United States legally over time. This migration is legal, as it falls under US business immigration rules.

What do the Figures Show

In 2016, a total of 1.8 million people from an overseas countries were employed in the UK. That is equivalent to 7% of all employees. However, if we focus on people born outside of the European Union, this figure rises to 13%. Most of these workers are male and aged 25-34. There has been a steady increase in immigrants working in the UK since 2002 when this figure was just 6%.

Where do Migrants Come From

Some countries migrants come from are Poland, Romania, and Italy. Others come from India, China, and Nigeria. Migrants can be categorized into groups, i.e. refugees, economic migrants, asylum seekers, or illegal immigrants. These different categories affect what kind of rights these people have once they enter a country like the United Kingdom.

The first step for an immigrant to work in the United Kingdom is getting a work permit and visa before entering the country, allowing them to do so legally. For UK business immigration, you can contact Synergy Immigration Solutions for expert opinions and solutions.

Where do They Live in the UK

In England, approximately 9% of people live outside of their country of birth. The population of people born outside of Europe is almost 3 million. London is home to a diverse and fast-growing immigrant population, with over 900 languages spoken in the city.

But how many immigrants are working in the UK According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) migration estimate for 2013, non-UK nationals accounted for nearly 5 million (14%) of all those working across the UK. Of this number, about 2.5 million were from within the European Union (EU).

Most of these workers were employed in elementary occupations such as waiters, cleaners, sales assistants, and security guards. At the same time, just 8% had jobs classified as professional such as teachers or doctors.

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