Finest Ways To Spy On A Cell Phone Without Using Software


Other than computer programs and mobile applications, hackers have other ways of gaining access to your personal information. Your mobile devices can be vulnerable to several malicious eyes. Therefore, it is important to be aware of different types of unwanted snooping.

Over the years, hackers and cybercriminals have gotten smarter and new methods of unwanted access or compromising privacy have started to appear. Usually, your mobile network like Spectrum mobile or some other has nothing to do with such attacks because they generally attack a device or its storage. So, in this blog, you can check out some popular ways that people may use to spy on you.

Parental Control Application Abuse

You may have heard about different parental control apps that let you see what your kids are on their phones. In many countries including the US, the use of parental control software is legal to view the activities of your kids until they are minors. Using such applications may help parents in protecting their kids from trouble.

Such apps can do much more than just show you what apps your kids are using. They can even help you snoop on their text messages on all apps. Further, parents can even view their locations, search history, and pretty much everything they do on phone. Plus, such apps are hard to trace. Lastly, such apps work with the most mobile OS. However, the downside of such apps is that they can be abused as well.

If someone downloads these apps on your device, they can be hard to detect. The best defense against such spyware is to not give your device to anyone. Even if someone needs to make an emergency call, let them make that call in front of you. Also, don’t share your device password or pattern with anyone because it will make your device vulnerable.

Unauthorized Access to Google My Activity

If your Gmail credentials fall into the wrong hands, they can view a lot of your online activities. The problem is that most people have the same account attached to their workstations, personal laptop, and mobile phones. Do you know that most of your online activity is tracked and available to view on Google My Activity? If you didn’t before, now you do.

Google My Activity allows you to see the time you spent on different apps, search history, location history from Google Maps, and so much more. Most people have their photos and videos backed up on Google Photos. Unwanted eyes can access those photos. Therefore, it is important to have strong passwords and not share those passwords with anyone.

Another thing you can do to avoid such snooping is to use a secret email account. Use your regular account for emails and other purposes and keep the other one for other uses. One more way to enhance your online security is to disable activity tracking from Google My Activity. When someone tries to enter your account with a new device, Google sends you a notification. Do not let such notifications slide. Use I don’t recognize this device and change your password.

Access to Credentials Through Phishing

Phishing is among the most common types of online scams that can do serious damage. Phishing happens through scam emails, malicious links, scam social media DMs, and exploit kits. All these methods have the same end goal of stealing sensitive info. It could be anything from your email credentials, your crypto wallet info, and your bank details. Also, hackers often make you download ransomware and ask for ransom in cryptocurrencies in return for your device access.

Here’s a quick 101 to save yourself from many of these attacks. Do not open links in emails unless you know the person. Sometimes they could be impersonating someone you know; it is best to not open such links at all. The same applies to social media DMs as well. Generally, they try to catfish or present irresistible offers. Also, try to be more careful with your browsing habits. Avoid streaming and downloading from pirated sites and especially their trashy ads. Such ads may lead you to exploit kits and cause you harm.

Quick Recap

There are tons of malicious applications, phishing tactics, and account vulnerabilities if your credentials fall into someone else’s hands. Therefore, it is important to stay vary of such attacks. Do not give physical access to your device unchecked to anyone and never share email credentials. Lastly, be more aware of the tactics of hackers and scammers in identifying phishing and other scams.

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