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Beautiful Interior Design Ideas for a Small Home on a Budget

Wanting to renovate is not always easy. Apart from the cost, it is important to understand the basics of interior design as well to get things right. Home decor is a plausible option when you want a change but not many can afford to do it on a whim. Therefore it puts home decor and designs out of reach for most.

But hey, there’s still a lot you can do despite the low budget. Small homeowners have the advantage of putting little effort into house decor and being able to come out with major changes in their homes.

When you are living in a city full of antiques, finding traditional artifacts is an easy feat. so if you are residing in nova city Peshawar you are in luck!

In this blog, we have inspired interior design ideas for a small home on a low budget. You should not miss this out!

1- Add unique light fixtures 

The most basic of all ideas for interior design is to work on lights. It’s so much more than just a simple house tool! People are often amazed at how lights can change the ambiance of the entire room. It sets your mood straight once you know what you like the best in light fixtures.

Begin with ceiling lights. You can opt for recessed lights or even a track light that will enhance your room’s features. Most homeowners in Nova City Peshawar are really happy with this mode of light fixture because it compliments the room well.

If a grand centerpiece is an option, within your budget, go for it. Installing a chandelier (nothing fancy) can bring in a good chance you might have been hoping for. If you are not into classical style, contemporary or minimalist designs are always a good option. 

2- Use family heirlooms 

As we said, Peshawar is a city full of traditions, so chances are almost every household has an artifact or a family heirloom passed on from their ancestors. The most astonishing fact is that new homeowners in Nova City Peshawar have used these heirlooms in their houses, complimenting the accent of the room.

So why not try it as well?

Whether it’s a piece of furniture or an old black and white album, it sure does have an aesthetic appeal. If you are into creating a picture gallery in your home (at the foyer) you can try this trick. Even an old brocade of sarees can be used for cushions or pillowcases, making it a low-cost interior design at its best. 

3- Do not hesitate with colors 

The current trend in real estate these days is the minimalist design with lots of white and shades of white being used in the house interior. Maybe you’d like to break the chain? Paint can change the entire look of the room. Just a swipe of a few brushes can bring the house to life. If your house needs a fresh coat of paint, try a color other than white.

Maybe a pastel shade is what you are looking for? If you want something bolder, do not hesitate to play with colors. In case your walls are pristine, using a dramatic wallpaper might be the trick you need to change the decor. 

Wallpapers are an amazing and cost-friendly way to change the entire look of a room. While you are at it, you can also paint cabinets, drawers, or even some parts of the furniture in colors to add an interesting dimension. 

4- Bring in the greenery 

House plants inside a home? Absolutely! You may not be interested in getting fresh indoor plants but even then you can use artificial plants to throw some livelihood in the place. Using plants for interior design works all the time. Whether it’s the nook of the balcony or the corner of the room, it’s a wonder you ought to try.

Indoor exotic plants are too much to handle, try an array of plants that require little maintenance. Cactus, for example. Makes up for an easy-to-maintain plant in a home.

If you are into installing plants you can try using wickerwork, metal bins, glassware, or mason jars even. 

5- Revamp your personal space 

The most intricate of all interior designs include a bedroom. It’s easier to transform your little haven than the rest of the house. Even a few splashes of paint can do the job jade green, white, teal or grey are pretty good choices.

For a low-cost interior hack, you can also change the headboard of the bed with another fabric. Add a more intriguing frame at the back even that will change the entire look of the house.

You should try these low-cost ideas as they will not disturb your budget and you can make the changes in small bits and pieces.

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