List of Top 10 Restaurants to Try Their BBQ in Lahore

Being a diehard Lahori, you know how the restaurants of this city have exquisite taste in food. With other amazing cuisines, the savoury and tangy BBQ and desi food items are beyond imagination in Lahore. People from different cities and areas visit here to enjoy the best BBQ in Lahore. Since desi food is a prestigious part of our tradition, customers look forward to indulging in tasty BBQ dishes. Do you want to find out which restaurants offer delectable BBQ dishes? Well, continue reading because we have listed out the top 10 restaurants that are a must-try for their BBQ.

Al-Khan Restaurant

Al-Khan restaurant is the best desi restaurant that serves delectable desi cuisine and the best BBQ in Lahore. The restaurant uses only superior quality ingredients to plate up brilliant-tasting BBQ. The restaurant’s cozy interior provides the perfect atmosphere along with top-notch dishes that give an unforgettable dining experience. Chicken and mutton BBQ are most loved at this restaurant. The entire grill menu tastes incredibly good. Moreover, the prices are greatly affordable. With the modern cooking method, Al-Khan restaurant provides authentic tasting BBQ and desi food with luxurious seating.

Dera Restaurant

Dera restaurant is committed to providing delicious BBQ. Located at Qaddafi stadium, their menu offers a wide range of BBQ items made from fresh meat and good quality ingredients. It is a traditional restaurant with unique desi vibes. The exquisite ambience and tasty BBQ together make it a good place for friends and family. The prices at this restaurant are a bit high but the taste of their food makes up for the money. 


Dervish provides a hygienic and peaceful ambience in Lahore. It is one of the economical restaurants that provide delicious BBQ dishes. Cooked on charcoal, a dervish is well-known to provide traditional-style BBQ at affordable rates. Moreover, the restaurant offers outdoor seating that lets you enjoy delectable tasting desi food and BBQ items while enjoying the cold weather.

The Lakhnavi

The Lakhnavi is located at Garhi Shahu and hits the right taste of BBQ. It is an exceptional place with a unique menu. The restaurant provides quality and fresh food items. Some of their specialities include murgh pulao, murgh giraffe, and Sultani daal. For top-notch BBQ dishes and a budget-friendly place, you can always visit this restaurant. 

Sultan Ann Pani Restaurant

Sultan Ann Pani Restaurant is renowned for its traditional Pakistani food and cultural atmosphere. It is a pocket-friendly place for those who want to enjoy a savoury BBQ at a reasonable price. The restaurant provides an excellent classic BBQ presented in Pakistani style. It has many branches in Lahore with its main branch at Gulberg. You can visit their restaurant to enjoy traditional desi food and BBQ.

Bundu Khan Restaurant

Bundu khan is an exceptional BBQ restaurant in Lahore. It is one of the oldest restaurants that have retained the traditional BBQ taste. With the perfect ambiance and atmosphere, you cannot resist trying their BBQ. Chicken malai boti, chicken seekh kebab, chicken tikka, and many other items are highly loved by customers. It has numerous branches throughout the city, serving delectable BBQ. 

Haveli Restaurant

Haveli restaurant is a historical hallmark of Fort Road Food Street in Lahore. It provides a fascinating view of the well-known Badshahi Masjid. Not only does it provide a perfect ambiance but also the quality of its food is excellent.  The beautifully established place depicts the true heritage of Lahore along with a palatable and delectable BBQ. The restaurant is pricey but the BBQ of this restaurant will not leave you disappointed.

The Poet Restaurant

The Poet restaurant is yet another amazing BBQ restaurant. It is renowned for offering delicious BBQ. While indulging in its mind-boggling tasting BBQ, you can enjoy dancing fountains, melodious Ghazals and Qawwali, and a beautiful setting. No doubt, the restaurant has wonderful desi food and BBQ with great customer-centred services.

Qissa Khawani

Qissa Khawani is situated at Bedian Road RA Bazaar. The restaurant gives pure desi vibes and is a perfect place for family gatherings. The chefs cook everything live in front of you, ensuring strict hygienic practices. When it comes to taste, they never compromise on it. They have brilliantly tasting BBQ dishes that you can enjoy at really affordable prices. It is famous for its chicken tawa piece and chicken BBQ. The restaurant provides both indoor and outdoor seating.

Salt n Pepper Restaurant

Salt n pepper is considered a modern and courteous restaurant with a true, original-tasting BBQ. With scrumptious BBQ and desi food, the restaurant provides a memorable dining experience at affordable rates.


Lahoris do not want to compromise on the taste of BBQ. To tantalize your taste buds, you can delight in the best BBQ in Lahore at Al-Khan restaurant. The succulent and flavorful BBQ at this restaurant is beyond your expectations and fits right into your budget. 

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